Mission of the Let’s GROW Project?

A personal commitment to touch the lives of 2,016 women from all around the world in 2016, starting with a meaningful one-time coaching encounter. This high touch, high value conversation will be for 20.16 minutes. In order that the time is as productive as possible, applicants will be required to complete a short questionnaire after registration. This will enable us to pinpoint where to focus the conversation.

You might be wondering what can one 20-minute coaching call accomplish. My hope is to plant a seed that will inspire and challenge each woman to stretch beyond their comfort zone. We will start with the one call, but the project will take on a life of its own as it GROWs, with the help and support of a GROWing community of women who are committed to helping each other succeed. Whatever interactions we have throughout 2016 (and beyond), and whatever resources we provide, participants can expect to:

  • Gain clarity and new perspectives around issues such as job, career, business/entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • Remove barriers and self-limiting beliefs
  • Discover strengths, increase confidence and boost self-esteem
  • Learn from others, share experiences and expand their network.

If you would like to be put you on a path for success, you are welcome to become a member of the Let’s GROW 2016 Project.

NOTE: Since a lot of time, effort and resources is being invested into this project, you should apply only if you are seriously committed to take action to achieve your goal(s).

“The only guarantee that tomorrow will get better, is if you’re GROWing TODAY.” ~John C.Maxwell

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What does GROW mean?

The acronym GROW has been popping up all over this website. Well, the concept is not new in coaching circles. It is a model that focuses on a Goal, looks at the Reality, assesses Options / Opportunities, then determines if the Will is present to move forward to goal attainment. Specifically, it will be a one-time coaching encounter, focusing on these four steps:

  • GOAL: It is much easier to attain your goal when you are clear about what you really want. I will help you determine what you would like to achieve at the end of our time together.
  • REALITY CHECK: We will examine your current situation – what’s real, and pinpoint where you are, in relation to where you want to be. We will look at any roadblocks or detours that may be keeping you from moving forward.
  • OPTIONS (OPPORTUNITIES): You will think through at least three options or opportunities, discuss solutions, and determine what resources are available for you to access.
  • WILL: We will put the basic premise of coaching into play where we discuss your commitment to act. Do you really have the determination, single-mindedness and follow-through to make it happen. Of course, the Let’s GROW community will keep you focused, motivated and accountable.

Are you ready? Let’s GROW!