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“Everything starts as a seed. Every achievement started as a dream seed. A seed is anything valuable that you give away. When you give away praise, there’s value to that. When you give away good advice, there’s value to that. When you give away your time, there’s value to that. When you give away your money, there’s value to that. When you share your experience to help other people, there’s value to that. It all starts as a seed, whether it’s your time, money, appreciation, wisdom, or energy. Your words can also be seeds that you plant in people’s minds. They grow, and they bear fruit.”

Rick Warren, Pastor & Author of Purpose Driven Life

When I launched the Let’s GROW Project in 2016, it was at the same time we had dreams of Hillary Clinton becoming the first female President of the United States. Well, we all know how that turned out. However, four years later, we have Kamala Harris as Vice President! Ladies, it’s time to ‘own your ambition’! We might not become President or Vice President of the United States, but who says you cannot become the President of your own life and career?

Since 2016, I have been on a mission to connect with women from around the world to help them GROW, and it starts with ONE no-obligation coaching conversation! 

  • Are you satisfied what you have achieved in your life or career so far?
  • Do you want to pick my brain for 20.16 minutes?
  • Are you ready to grow?


If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then I want to help you. I want to plant a seed that will empower you to GROW! That’s the root of the Let’s GROW Project. It starts with one coaching conversation, You must be wondering who am I, and why am I doing this? Click here to read My Story and for more details.

“Going for your grandest vision may scare you, but don’t be so afraid that you refuse to take a leap of faith.” ~Daisy Wright

2016 - Handbag of Hope

Collected 28 handbags from workshop participants. These were distributed to a Women's Shelter and a Violence Against Women Program at a nonprofit.

2017 - Career Renovation Workshop

Professional development day at the Corporate Events Centre in Mississauga. Evelyn Askelrod was the Guest Speaker

2018 - Visioning

Everybody came with their tools and created their 2018 Vision Boards. Alicia and Taranum were presenters.

2019 - Why Not Me?

This was the year we decided we would step up to opportunities instead of looking to see who should go in our place. Too often we allow others to 'step up to the plate!'

2020 - Let's GROW Relaunch

New Year, new decade, Let's GROW! This was our Sip & Paint event when everybody either learned to paint or sharpened their skills. The seed for the Let's GROW anthology was planted at this event.

Coaching questions to ponder as you make plans to GROW:

Ready to talk through some of those questions? Connect with me for a one-on-one coaching conversation. 

Or, you can drop by this website whenever you feel the need to do so, as I will be adding new resources from time-to-time.

“You are under no obligation to be the same person you were a year ago, a month or even 15 minutes ago. You have the right to GROW. No apologies."

“The Let’s GROW Project: Changing the World One Woman at a Time”

If you lack a supportive network to keep you motivated, to ask questions or to find resources, this is the place.

Are you believing all those made-up stories that you are not worthy, or not good enough? Let’s have a talk.

Want to gain clarity and new perspectives? Facing some workplace issues that are preventing you from being productive? I can certainly help.

What you get

A one-to-one high-touch, high-value coaching conversation with me, Daisy, for 20.16 minutes.

A clear, Actionable GROW Road map to start you on your journey.

A Resource Library with information on career, business and self-growth.

Let's GROW

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