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You have taken the first step to envisioning your goal(s) for 2021. The second step is to select a Word of the Year. Not mandatory, when I choose a WOTY, it helps to keep me focused. Read a blog post on how my W.O.T.Y. (Word of the Year). Have You Chosen Your WOTY Yet? | Career Musings (

After 2020, we need a reset, and that’s the reason Visioning 2021 is so relevant. You can start with a self-examination right now. Download this free Stop Procrastinating goal motivation tool and start working on it

Then, ponder the following questions, and make notes if you wish:

  • Do I have friends that nourish me and make my life richer? 
  • Does my career inspire me and give me purpose? 
  • What is one small step I can take today to move me towards my main goal for 2021?


Let’s discuss it on January 9th. I won’t put you on the spot so sharing will be up to you. 

For those who don’t know the backstory of these visioning events, let me give a quick overview before I 👀 online on January 9th:

A few years ago, I started the Let’s GROW Project with one simple mission: to have one high-touch, high-value coaching conversation with women to discuss their Goals, look at their Reality, examine their Obstacles or Options, and determine if they had the Will to Win. It has had several iterations most notably, a career renovation workshop, vision board creation, #WhyNotMe event, and a sip & paint party. 

This past year, I hosted the Sip & Paint party, with the theme #LetsGROW.  We shared our individual goals for the year as usual, but I also flaunted the idea of writing a book. 

Someone once said “Beware of an idea whose time has come!” The result of the idea is an anthology: 21 Resilient Women – Stories of Courage, Growth and Transformation. This book became #1 in two categories on Amazon within days of publication.

Many of us never reach our full potential either because we don’t believe in ourselves, we listen too much to the naysayers, or we give up too soon. But, perseverance is the key. When you are knocked down by life’s circumstances, pull yourself up with all the strength you have, and try again. If you cannot do it alone, ask for help. 

I don’t know what your goal(s) are for 2021, but if you are committed; if you lay out a plan, and you recruit a few people to hold you accountable, you can succeed. 

On January 9, we will gather online in a fun, no-pressure environment to start the process of #GettingItdone. Each person will spend time focusing on their individual goals.

We will re-group from time-to-time and the final segment will be a brainstorming session.

I cannot wait to 👀 you on January 9th, but before you go, remember to click on the link below to download your second gift: 

The Year Ahead. This is a free Goal-Planning tool mentioned in the video. 

To your success,


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